Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bok Choy Restarts...

If you've been hanging out where I hang out online you've probably seen people restarting veggies from the ends of things like celery or green onions. We've got a few restarts of celery on our kitchen window right now.

We've been eating a "bunch" (lol.. couldn't resist!) of bok choy recently. It's great cut in ribbons and cooked in a tablespoon (or so.. ) of butter in some cast iron just long enough to wilt it.

Annnyway... I kept the ends (the bottom 3-4 inches) of some bok choy last week just to see what happened and if it would restart like the celery...

Well guess what!!! It is totally working!!

The ones with the taller leaves (can you "be-leaf" there are leaves already??!! ok.. couldn't resist again!) are from Friday and the others we got Tuesday (only two days and they're at least a 1/2" already!)

Once the weather stays warmed up and spring is actually  (unless I can make room in my cold frame) they will be moving outside to the garden.

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