Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pillows!!! Who Doesn't Love 'Em??!!

I mean really!! Who doesn't love a throw pillow??!! I've decided that they'll save our dying couch and so then we'll be able to save for the couch I'm really interested in (you know... down cushions so I've got natural fibers which are safe for me instead of poly-something) But... I digress!! Throw pillows are awesome (have you figured out that I really like them yet??)

My favorite kind of throw pillows are a feather/down insert ('cause of the allergy to plastic... which poly-somethings are) with a natural fiber like cotton, silk (always fancy), or linen. Some of each of these are good 'cause then you get textural fun! I love mixing textures of different fabrics.

Annnyway... (again! I know!!) (SO easy to get sidetracked here when talking about something I feel is important -like natural fibers...)

So.. I'm always on the lookout for a good throw pillow... I got some excellent inserts for a really good price the last time I blew through the Pottery Barn outlet closest to us. (I'll share what I do with those in a later post!) (oh the suspense!) 

I've found two really excellent (is that a real phrase?? It must be.. I just used it didn't I??) (wow... pillows make me cheeky me thinks...) throw pillow at TJ Maxx and I thought I'd share their beautifulness! ( I know it's another made up word... better get used to it 'cause I do that all the time!) (hey that could be a whole other post!! lol)

Ok, ok... I'll actually share my pictures now. I've probably tortured you long enough talking about natural fibers and made up words!! So... here ya go!

Isn't he cute!!?  
And this one.. I love it! It's got my favorite colors!! Green, blue and purple!! Just makes me happy!!
So, there ya go... throw pillows.. my newest decorating thing to make our tired furniture a little less snooze-y and last a little longer. What's your favorite thing to make a decorating change with??

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