Monday, January 21, 2013

It's SNOWING...(kinda)

I saw a post here while blog hopping with my sister, Shari, the other night.  It's fun and even though we live almost 300 miles apart we're "window shopping" together. You should try it if you and your sister or best friend (lucky if they're the one and the same like me) don't live near each other...

So here's what we started with this afternoon:

The one we found the other night used a wooden snowflake cutout. However, this being not the "traditional" Christmas season Easter stuff is starting to arrive in stores. So... I had this awesome snowflake cookie cutter in the baking drawer. That's a pan of buttons in the back and of course cardboard, a pen, and a trusty glue gun...

Here are the first two flakes traced onto the cardboard... easy, peasy...

Next we grabbed the glue gun and the buttons and went to town!

Clairee really got into using the glue gun... "just one more button!!!"

Miss M just getting started... she came to the party later
There was a lot of laughter, a lot of glue gun stealing(!!) and just good fun had by all three of us. After about an hour or so (that's how easy these are) this is what we ended up with:

Mine's the top left, Clairee's is the top right, and Miss M's is in the middle...
We're either going to glue a loop of jute twine to hang them with or maybe make a simple twig frame to put them in. I'll let you know when we decide!

What have you been working on towards a more restful Christmas this week?

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