Monday, January 7, 2013

Homespun Christmas: Snowflakes

If you happen to live where you don't get a lot of snow (like us) or even if you do... Snowflakes are an awesome winter (and Christmas) decoration!

I love to crochet them. You can find tons of free patterns online ( I just do a search.. ). Ravelry is a great place to look for ideas and patterns too. (I love Ravelry and could easily spend far to much time there!!) I also found a new book this year and it's fabulous!

After I make my snowflakes I stiffen them using a mix of white glue and water (about 50/50). We dip the flakes in the glue mix and then squeeze the extra out, flatten them out on a piece of cardboard covered with a piece of wax or parchment paper and pin them in place until they're dry. Easy!

We hang them from our ceiling fan blades with a bit of sewing thread.

And there you have it... snowflakes for decorating all through winter (and Christmas) without having to worry about shoveling the snow!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I've been up to in my Homespun Christmas journey! Join in and add your projects if you want... the more the "merrier"!! (please link to your actual posts and not just your blog... thanks!) I can't wait to read what you're up to!!

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  1. I LOVE those snowflakes, think I'll try my hand at some this year...


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