Monday, January 14, 2013

Homespun Christmas: Garlands

I wanted something simple, yet pretty for garlands on our tree last year. I found something kinda like what I wanted online and then of course changed it up a little to get just what I wanted. These are so fun and easy to make that you could make them for any occasion !!!

First I started with these...

The fabric strips are (about) half an inch wide and anywhere from three to five inches long. Choose whatever color works for your decorating.. Mine are shades of pink, cream or white, and greens. Kind of like Christmas colors but with a twist!!

I took a piece of cotton clothesline ('cause who doesn't have extra of that lying around right??), pulled the outer covering off to give it a smaller diameter, and starting tying strips around the line. That's right... it's just fabric strips tied around clothesline... but once it's done nobody can tell...
Here it is all done... it's about twenty feet long. Just right for a small tree (between 3 and 4 feet I'd guess).

I also made a bigger one using the same fabrics; just bigger strips. The strips on the bigger one are about an inch wide and closer to six or seven inches long. It's long enough to go around the doorway between our kitchen and the living room.  

I like to leave this one up all year 'cause it's fun and pretty!! It being pinks and greens instead of red and green doesn't hurt either!!

What have you been working on towards your Homespun Christmas?

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  1. Love these! Thinking I want to make one to put up along the loft railing.


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