Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Everything's Better with.....


Right?? I mean really.. It's BUTTER!!! 

Amanda (our oldest daughter and fellow Farmgirl) and I have been experimenting with making butter from the cream I get from our local dairyman. We've been making it in our KitchenAid mixer.

Today however, we stepped it up a notch (or two maybe...)

We've had this baby sitting in the pantry for a while couple of years probably... We've just never had reason to use it before today. (Sadly, I found a crack near the top while I was washing it though...I'll have to be on the lookout for a new crock I suppose)

Annyway... we spent part of our afternoon using our churn and ended up getting this out of the deal..

A little over a pound and a half!!! We had so much fun chatting and hanging out together while we were working the cream into this luscious butter...

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