Monday, October 22, 2012

Mums the Word....

I was headed out to run the day's errands with our older daughter, aka Clairee, when we drove by, passed, caughtthroughthewindow...ok.. zoomed by really... THIS:

 Isn't it FABULOUS!!??  I know.. . you might be thinking "What in the world do you see in this beat up, broken down, trash pile, hole in the seat chair?! I'm getting there, I swear!  So, on our way home from our errands, we went back around to see if it was still there. Obviously, since we've now got the picture, it was. The story gets even better when I let you know that a sheriff's deputy was driving behind us and when we pulled over to grab out treasure he stopped to make sure we were ok. Nice doncha think!?

Annyway... the other day at our favorite garden center I had seen THESE!
Aren't they gorgeous?! 

 You can see where I'm going with this now can't you...maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to run back around (run being a very loose term 'cause c'mon get serious!) and pick up the chair...

 So, here's the finished picture... it turned out pretty much just like I'd pictured it when we first drove by (let's be honest) zoomed past it!!

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