Friday, April 13, 2012

Gardening - Firefly Style: Part 2

What exactly is gardening Firefly Style? Well, it's what you get when you
try to
stop worrying about whether or not you're "doing it right" and you try a little cottage gardening, a little bit of square foot gardening, and whatever else strikes your fancy.

I'm gardening in our backyard this year. I'm using the patio, the "flower" beds inside the drip line of the roof, and basically anywhere else I think I can stash some veggies or maybe a flower or two!

I started with some enamelware I found when my sister Shari (you should check our her place when you have a chance... it ROCKS!) and I went antiquing with mom for her birthday.

Have you seen the pictures of "pallet gardens" roaming around? I know! They're fabulous aren't they?!? I just happened to have several (that I got for free (YAY!) from our neighbor) that were just waiting for a farmgirl style makeover.

Pieces of extra fencing and t-posts from my stash have been turned into some of my new trellises. Panels of chicken wire (they used to be used in housing growing chickens) have been repurposed too.

I know this may be a made up style of gardening... I know it doesn't follow any rhyme or reason... BUT! By not worrying (trying really hard to anyway!) so much about whether or not I"m gardening right, and "flying by the seat of my pants" so to speak, I've got the start of the most successful garden I've ever had up here on our hill.

So... go plant something. Somewhere. No really... give it a try! And remember, it's supposed to be fun!


  1. Lovely! We are thinking about gardening and afraid of doing it 'wrong' -not the right soil, too many trees, ect. You have given me the right little push to just going to stick it out there and see what happens!

  2. This is looking so beautiful! Keep posting pictures!

  3. Wow... thanks! I'm so glad you're going to give it a go!! Have fun!

  4. Thanks!! I'm having a lot of fun with it and it's fun to share the pics too! Thanks for letting me share ideas with you along the way...


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