Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thoughts Toward Spring

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson grew 19 varieties of lettuce in his garden? I know!! Cool, huh?!

So, after reading this in my favorite seed book from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds; I had to start reading about the lettuces they have to see if I could choose 19 different varieties of lettuce. How awesome would it be to have the same number of lettuces in my garden as one of our founding fathers?!

Here's the list I've come up with...
(subject to change, of course)
-Amish Deer Tongue
-Asian Red
-Gotte Jaune D'or
-Henderson's Black-Seeded Simpson
-Little Gem
-Lollo Bionda
-Lollo Rossa
-May Queen
-Migninette Bronze
-Oak Leaf
-Parris Island Cos
-Petite Rouge
-Sanguine Ameliore (Strawberry Cabbage Lettuce)
-Tom Thumb

Well, I think I've ended up with a pretty good list. Here we've got green lettuces, red lettuces, and lettuces somewhere in between. I can't wait to see the little leaves popping up out of the earth.

What are your thoughts toward spring?


  1. I love planting all the different kinds, but then I wonder how I'll know what they are when they come up... I think I've eaten a few weeds...

  2. Mel was wondering if the mint had come back up... she decided it was a weed she tasted.


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