Monday, November 8, 2010

Allergies, allergies, allergies!!!

Well...Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about "The Violet Firefly". Surely that counts for something!!
The last month or so has been spent trying to figure out how to cut out everything I'm allergic to. Let's start with cinnamic aldehyde. Turns out that cinnamon is in a TON of things...even things you wouldn't think of. It's one of the most popular things used for things that are supposed to be scented and it's one of the most popular things in things that are supposed to be UNscented. Who knew that cinnamon is used for a masking fragrance!!?

This month I am supposed to cut out everything in the "Balsam of Peru" category. Wow, there's a lot in this category...Citrus, anything tomato, spices like cloves, ginger and allspice, candy, gum, chocolate, commercial baked goods, and sodas. Oh, and vanilla!! There are a couple of other things on this list but I've already cut them out.

After a month of cutting these out I can start adding things back in one at a time, every three days. I already know what we're having for dinner on Dec. never sounded so good! (Hopefully it's not the tomatoes!!)

So, anyway, I'm now constantly looking for recipes that I can easily omit the spices I can't have and have it still taste good. The apple pie with brown sugar and nutmeg was a huge hit. The snickerdoodles with out the vanilla weren't my favorite but it turns out that we don't have to leave anything out of the peanut butter cookie recipe we use.

Stay tuned for the next recipe without spices or vanilla!!


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